In 1956, The Southern Counties Amateur Swimming Association (S.C.A.S.A.) received an application for the formation of a new swimming club to be called


Several members of the existing Hoddesdon Swimming Club were unhappy at the way the funds were being applied within that club. Since the re-formation of Hoddesdon SC in 1949, the standard of swimming had risen over the years. The parents of the swimmers were the ones raising club funds and all the money was being siphoned off by the water polo players for their team travelling expenses. This left no money available to assist 7 or 8 swimmers to attend the Nationals at Blackpool.

Birth of a new club

Mr Philip S Gale was asked to represent the swimmers parents and following discussions within the club the result was that both sides could not agree. Mr Gale, along with his wife Constance, daughter Brenda and Messrs Ballard & Widdicombe (and a few others) took the decision that they would form a “new club”. The necessary procedures were followed and the new Broxbourne Swimming Club was formed in 1957.

Club provides swimming teaching and coaching to all

The clubs aim was primarily to provide Swimming teaching/coaching to all abilities of children and this aim is still carried out in the present time. Original lessons were held at the Spinney Wheel open-air pool, and with the opening of new pools over the years, these lessons gradually moved indoors culminating in all training at the Broxbourne School pool with summer training at the open-air pool.

Club with no swimming pool

When in July 1999, without any warning, the headmaster informed the club that the pool was closing permanently in 2 days time the club found itself without a pool!
2 other clubs and 3 local junior schools, who also had received no notice, also shared this problem. However, the club was able to continue temporarily, although on a lesser scale, with lessons at Turnford School & Simon Balle School before managing to organise regular times and lessons at Sheredes School.

New pool built

With the opening of the new pool at the John Warner Sports Centre additional coaching continues.
All teachers, helpers etc within the club give their time voluntarily and are happy to assist and further the aims of the club, which continues to be the friendly club that has been going now for 50 years.